How long does a training take?

Basically, the pace of training is determined by the respective horse. As a guideline, however, you can count on 6-8 weeks until the horse has internalized the necessary basic knowledge for a life as a future riding horse.

What about self-sufficiency?

We only offer full board, so self-sufficiency is not possible with us. There are also practical reasons for this, because in order to optimally look after and care for your horse, we always want to be able to control what and how much it eats.

Do I have to bring my horse to the pasture myself?

No, this is part of the pasture service and we will do it for you. We bring your horse to the pasture and bring it back to the stable. Of course you can always bring your horse from the pasture yourself when you come to visit it. It’s the same with the horse walker...